Newsflash: Advise to lowering property taxes? Appears that I pay the most on my street

This is in NJRecently found some random website ( that shows what people on my street pay for property taxes.On my street all the houses were built in 50’s and they’re all exactly the same 960 sq.f one floor ranch with full basement. Over the years people added garages, 2nd floors and extra living spaces. My house in particular has a “den” addition which counts as part of total sq. footage (even thought it’s not exactly a livable space because of lack of HVAC) and an attached tiny single-car garage.My taxes are ~8200 a year.Most of the comparable houses on the street with additions and garages around anywhere between 5k and 7k.I just bought the house last September through FHA. Can I hire a tax lawyer or something to try to lower the taxes?



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