Newsflash: (USA-Arkansas) Buying a property with delinquent taxes

Hello,Today I purchased my first piece of land, a half acre on a road that doesn’t really have any other houses nearby but has city water, sewer and electric ran to it.I noticed from Google Maps there was a house two lots over from the piece of property I bought and I went to look at it today it was a mobile home which is clearly abandoned and unlivable. So I started poking around on the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands site and low and behold, it’s a delinquent property with the total just over $900. It’s one lot and from my talks with the city, already has water and sewer hooked to it and already has a concrete pad to maybe place another home on.Looking at the details of the property, it shows taxes owed are 903. The property owner is listed as State of Arkansas but known liens show a name and Professional Credit Management. Does this mean that maybe someone used the land as collateral?From what I’ve read so far, to purchase something like this, you offer to pay the taxes + another amount based on the assessment. The assessed value is $8100. IfI were to offer to pay taxes + an amount and it’s accepted, would I have to worry about the people and organization on the lien taking it back?



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