Newsflash: High end rental home questions

This is in the US. My girlfriend owns a house in a FANCY pants town. After looking at rental prices around there, people pay about 90k for the summer for a similar quality place.It was built in the 1700’s originally. Is there anything I’d need to be aware of with such clientele for renting it out over the summers? Besides dealing with the type of people who’d rent a house over the summer for 90k…. Her cousin has a 4 year degree in timber framing, so we’re good as far as working on it goes. I’m pretty handy, but I won’t touch the old parts of the house.We’re moving to that part of the country soon, so this is something I want to explore.Also, please don’t hate on me. That place is worth so much money it makes me sick to my stomach. I’m a simple guy who drives the same car I bought used in 2002 for 5 grand.Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!



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