Newsflash: (GA) Month to month room tenant gave short notice, moved everything out of their room but wants to keep the keys for the month they still have to pay for because they didn’t give enough notice. Do I let them keep keys?

I rent rooms on a month to month basis. My only requirement for leaving is giving a month notice before the next month term starts, they didn’t give that notice so they’re on the hook for the month of August. But they moved all their stuff out now and said they won’t give me the keys until I find someone else to rent the place. I told them I would try to fill the room for them asap so they wouldn’t have to keep paying while still living here, even tho they gave me a week notice, so he said ok, I’ll give the keys back once you do since I have to pay for August anyways.Am I supposed to take the keys back? Am I allowed to? Is it fine to just let him keep the keys until then?If they have none of their possessions in the house and won’t be living here, I don’t feel that comfortable letting them hang onto the keys. Not sure why they would want them. Was never a problem tenant, always stayed in their room.


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