Newsflash: We’re selling a property and my partner would like a First Right of Refusal. Does this disincentivize our agent?

I own a rental property with two other people. Two of us are ready to sell, the third may want to buy it from us. He made an offer, but we think we can get more on the market. We want to use an agent that we know and have worked with before. We think we can negotiate an arrangement with him where, if my partner buys it, he only takes a 3% commission (similar to if there was a buyer’s agent involved). If he ends up getting an offer with a dual agency, then we would not get this discount.Anyway, does anyone see a problem with this arrangement? I have no problem granting the First Right of Refusal to my partner, so long as it doesn’t hurt the partnership. Do any of yall see a reason why this could be bad for us? Thanks!



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