Newsflash: Bad experience with a Realtor – first time home buyer

A few weeks ago we met a Realtor that was recommended to us by our mortgage broker. He’s a nice guy and has a good personality when dealing with clients. We did however have a negative experience last weekend putting an offer in on a house in Burlington, Ontario.We were shown a house over what we were looking at price wise but it was a nice house. We told him we wanted to think about it. That turned into multiple calls and emails that same day and we were told to call him Sunday with an answer if we wanted to make an offer as “the house wasn’t going to be around long”. We decided after some serious pressure to put in an offer after the Realtor decided to try going in $20k under asking. It was rejected and he asked what we wanted to counter offer with. He wasn’t clear with us on what his plan was for negotiating, or ask us what we would want to do if the offer was rejected. We were so put off by the whole experience that we decided not to counter offer which pissed off the Realtor.He criticized us for not letting him know our max budget (which we did) and that this isn’t how to go about buying a house. Both my partner and I were nearly sick due to the stress of the whole situation we told him we weren’t countering the offer and that was that.At multiple times he said ” not to be pushy” but he was pushy. It was a good deal of a house, don’t get me wrong, but the experience with the Realtor totally turned us off buying that house. I crack under pressure and that was just too much. I haven’t even been able to look at houses since as I’m so disappointed and afraid to go through that again.As we signed a representation agreement we are locked to that Realtor for 120 days. He said after we made our decision (actually the next day) that if that was the best decision for us then that’s all that matters but I can’t help but feel resentment from him. I told him to keep sending us listings at a lower range and we’ve been in touch. We haven’t been in touch and neither has he.How do you repair a relationship with someone who’s sole goal is to make money off you? And you may potentially pressure you into making a colossal mistake? He seems like a great Realtor so I want to repair this relationship as best we can as we have a preapproval for 120 days and after that we’d have to get preapproved at a new rate sigh.



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