Newsflash: Need some advice on selling my house [OH]

I’m planning on selling my house and moving in the next year or two, but I have a couple of different ways that I could see going about it and I’d love to get some advice from those with experience.I live in a somewhat run-down 115 year old house. It was lightly renovated before we moved in – mainly cosmetic updates. The stucco-lathe walls had drywall applied over them (without removing the stucco-lathe), a new furnace was installed, and a few other minor updates.Since moving in we’ve had the pipe running to the sewer replaced and we’ve replaced the roof.There is, however, a lot that needs to be done. There is rotting wood around the eves and in in the breezway that leads to the garage, the basement seeps water in heavy rains, and the electrical system really needs updating.We purchased the house for 63k in 2010 at a low point in the market and have paid off roughly 12k on the principal. As the market has risen some since then and we’ve done some updates, the house is roughly in the same condition as we bought it in, so I suspect that I should be able to get somewhere between 60k and 65k for it.I see 3 different scenarios that I may consider:Try to sell it as-is and let the next owner deal with the repairs (with full disclosure of the issues, of course)Get a home equity loan to do the repairs and then sell the house in a better condition, hoping to make it up in the sale price.Put the repairs on the credit card, hoping to pay them off after the house sells.I’d very much appreciate any thoughts on the best course of action. (I’m under no allusion that I’m going to get more out than I put in… I’m hoping the break even if possible or minimize the hit to my pocketbook otherwise).



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