Newsflash: Buyer asking for a new air conditioner

I’m the seller. Our home is 40 years old but in good condition in Salt Lake City. The potential buyer just had their home inspection and want a new AC unit to replace the working but 20 yr old unit. I think this is unreasonable since it was noted in their realtors comments included with the offer that the house “looks great but has an older AC.” We are paying for a home warranty and the AC has no issues besides being older.I’m annoyed that this even came up since it was known, is shown to work on the inspection, and we are including a home warranty. We plan to credit other repairs such as replacing the chimney cap, replacing a couple shingles that had blown off in a recent storm, and some minor kitchen floor grout repair. About $1000 in all.It feels dishonest to make an offer knowing the age of my AC unit and then try to get it replaced as a negotiation for $5000. Am I the unreasonable one here?



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