Newsflash: Advice on what to do with home inspection results?

Here’s a link to my home inspection defects and plumbing inspection 1 & plumbing inspection 2 I did for my first home purchase. I knew the house was old but I thought it was mostly kept in good condition aside from some cosmetic things but the inspections seem to indicate otherwise. It looks like this might cost a lot and I only have a few more days before my contingency period expires. I’ve tried to get a hold of my realtor all day but got no response.To fix most of these issues it looks like it will cost between 9k-17k on the rough summation of their estimates. The home inspector also told me there’s a good possibility the roof and electrical issues could cost a lot more because he can only see surface issues. The inspector also told me that the 4-point failed on roof and electrical and until those issues get resolved I will be unable to get insurance and therefore no mortgage.I was thinking maybe having the seller fix those two issues and credit the rest and let me deal with them on my own. I wanted to go over it with my realtor but I just can’t get her to respond.



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