Newsflash: 15% Withholding tax for non US citizens and what does it mean for me as I live and work in the USA on a work visa

I am selling my house and the closing is next week. I live and work in the USA full time (currently on a 5 year work visa), but the title company just told me yesterday that because I do not have a greencard, I am subject to a 15% withholding tax on the total sale value of the house.1 year ago, I paid 30% down to get this house (most of my savings) and was expecting to get that cash back out of the house once sold, but this withholding tax on non permanent residents would cut out 15% of the money returned and looks like I would end up losing a lot of money.My current visa is valid for 3 more years and I will be applying for a green card, so am not intending on leaving anytime soon. So is this right that I am just going to have all that money taken away from me?LocationBot: New Hampshire



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