Newsflash: [PA] Recently settled, knew balconies needed replacement, no disclosure of significant leaking occurring – recourse?

Tl;dr Believe sellers did not disclose significant water damage – how and can we go about trying to get recourse?Bought a home a little under a month ago. Our inspection revealed 2 tiny Juliet balconies (off each bedroom) were pretty messed up from water damage. Basically they didn’t drain properly and were damaged in need of legit repairs. We negotiated for some closing assistance to help cover the cost of the balcony replacement.Fast forward to now owning the house < 30 days from settlement. The one balcony is above a sliding glass door to the backyard. And when there are decent rains, the balcony holds all the water and actually drains back into the house. And water comes pouring (not even hyperbole) through the sliding glass door's frame and damage the wall around. We don't know the extent of how far out this damage goes until the contractor starts his work.After it pours, where there is a low spot in the kitchen floor the water pools leaving a sizeable puddle. Basically there is no way this could not have been known or missed. This isn't something external or hidden away. You'd walk into a kitchen with legit flooding from the door and wall.So we've contacted our agent (currently on vacation) and have a contractor ready to go so we can stop this from escalating. Trying to document all the things we come across. This has happened in Pennsylvania. Appreciate any thoughts.



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