Newsflash: [MO] Closing is on Wednesday. “Final” walkthrough was tonight. Owner’s broken down car is still in garage after two months of promises

Help me r/realestateAfter having my counter counter offer on a house accepted on June 6th, I am finally, FINALLY set to close on Wednesday, July 26th.But during my final walkthrough, there is still a broken down 1993 Saab with four flat tires sitting in the basement garage. It was supposed to be gone weeks ago. It was supposed to be gone last night. It was supposed to be gone tonight. Tonight was the final walkthrough and the car is still in the garage. Also the maintenance man who is LIVING there while he fixes it got paint on my counters.This house is unacceptable to me. I told my realtor this. I told him to tell the selling realtor this. Seller is out of country and there are countless excuses for why car is still there and I don’t care about any of them. I just want it gone so I can close.I have told my realtor that I will torpedo the whole deal if the car is not gone by tomorrow night. What is my legal recourse to to this? I’m beyond frustrated by the laziness, procrastination, and incompetence of the selling realtor and am totally willing not to go through with this deal. What is my recourse here?edit: spelling



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