Newsflash: First time Homebuyer with questions [DFW TX/FHA]

My wife and I are looking to purchase in the next 2 months hopefully, our lease is up October 1st. I’m pre-approved up to 200k and have enough savings to meet closing costs. I have a few questions:My estimated closing costs are a bit higher than I expected (14.5k$ est for 200k loan amount). I can PM the FHA worksheet to anyone who wants to see the details. Is this reasonable?What are the main things that I can secure from the seller in negotiations in this climate? I’m looking in northern Tarrant County, either in the Mid-Cities or out in the sticks towards Justin/Roanoke.How much +/- asking price should my initial offer usually be? Something that’s worth their consideration but not insulting. I’m really worried of overpaying for a shack in DFW right now.Does newer build = better than usually? I was eyeing houses out in the sticks that look like a lot of house for the cost but I’d like to try to stick to the Mid-Cities/Arlington area if I could. Though most of the houses in my price range around there are California ranchhouse style, which I don’t really like.Any other general tips/suggestions are welcome as well.



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