Newsflash: Down payment

My partner and I are planning to buy a condo in Metro Vancouver worth $500,000.We each earn $50,000 per year. However she has $50,000 saved for a down payment while I only have $20,000. We were thinking we 50/50 split the mortgage payments and other housing costs.We haven’t decided whether I am going to pay her back the difference in a lump sum, regularly over a certain period, or at all.In case something happens (e.g. breakup, death, only one of wants to sell the condo, etc.) what would be the most equitable exit strategy for the condo? I would assume she would get more of the proceeds since she put more in but by how much?Also would the solution be solved by going online and printing and signing a contract/deed of trust, or would we need a lawyer to draw this up?Thanks



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