Newsflash: Anyone have their mortgage through Nationstar?

So my mortgage was transferred to Nationstar at the beginning of the year when they bought out the smaller firm that was originally servicing my loan. I’ve had no issues at all with the company other than the information taking a while to transfer from the old company to the new one.Recently, I’ve received e-mails that they are changing their brand name to Mr. Cooper. This is one of the more bizarre and baffling corporate branding efforts I’ve ever seen. Nothing says “friendly corporation” like a loan servicer changing it’s name to remind you of a school teacher or neighbor. I guess it’s an attempt at humanizing the process, but it just seems so silly to me. Looking forward to the biggest regular deduction from my checking account going to Mr. Cooper…good grief.Honestly, I just wanted to have a laugh about this and figured this sub may appreciate it.



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