Newsflash: Investments into purchasing multiple houses and is it worth doing?

alright so first off i want to thank you for taking the time to read this because its a very important question to my family and I. So a quick backstory is i have a dependabe government job making anywhere from 50-65k a year dependng on overtime and a few other things. My wife and i just purchased our first home 3 years ago and we are currently living in said home. The home cost 85k when we purchased it and its in great shape! built in 1985 with plenty of updates and new roof, appliances and all of that jazz. We were discussing it together and had the idea of buying a newer and nicer home and then renting out the current one. I spoke to my agent who works for a realty company and asked her about buying a new home and renting the old one out. She told us that her husband does that stuff with his company and that it would be a 10% cut from the rent they would charge for the home. They would handle all of the major things such as getting renters in, collecting rent, maintenance if something breaks and everything like that. The only thing we would handle is when the renters leave we would do clean up and major repairs. My question is does anyone in here have experience with this sort of thing and is it worth doing? I know property is typically a good investment and people will always need homes but im not a millionaire who can just blow money away on things that arent worth investing in. what are the pros and cons of renting a home that you have purchased? We are thinking if this works out we might try to buy a home every 3-5 years until we are 60 and rent them out possibly securing a good income for our later years and to be able to leave something for our children. Also again thanks in advance for any input into this!



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