Newsflash: 19 year old interested in prospect of early start

[AL] There are so many variables regarding real estate that I am only just learning about lately. I have a few questions.1) What do I need to know, in general terms, in regard to real estate?2) What are the perquisites for safely investing in a house?3) How possible is it for me to start investing in real estate with minimal income and minimal resources?4) What are the variables I need to consider with a rental property?5) Am I naive?6) What is the worst case scenario if I attempted to start as early as now? I am young, so I figure I’d rather fail now than fail to ever attempt – and this is in all aspects of life, not just real estate.Answer one or all, I just need to talk to other people to make sure I’m not about to put myself into financial turmoil.


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