Newsflash: Is an estate agent obligated to state the a property is on a private (unadopted) road? (UK?)

I’m attempting to buy a property (enduring lies and errors by the estate agent) I have now just discovered, through my solicitor, that the property is on a private road, where the houses are supposed to pay £20 a month each towards maintenance of the road and drainage. I have also found out, thats most pay £20, some two pay £10 because they refused when the amount was increased. One pays nothing giving no reason, another two has recently moved to the area refuses to pay until the current drainage issue is sorted (opposite end of the close to the property i’m interested in) This is all information that seems to lead to more questions, and would have obviously affected the offer I made on the house. There was no mention of this on any information given to me about the house by the estate agents, or on any of their advertisements for the house. I am wondering how best to proceed from here. If anyone has had any dealings with something similar I would love to know your thoughts.



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