Newsflash: evicted tenant situation

Hey so I just want some perspective/experience from you guys on a situation. I own a 4plex and recently had to evict one of my tenants.Backstory: I am not friends with this guy but we knew eachother because he worked at the gym that I go to. Messaged me on FB one day saying he heard I had a 4plex and was looking for a place to stay. He works at the gym, has 80% VA disability, and seems like a decent dude so i tell him yeah i have a unit available and tell him to apply through my property mgmt. Well, he fails the criminal background portion of the screening and says it is just a DUI. My property mgmt said not to rent to him, but dumbass me wanted to give him a chance. Well long story short he was late 3 months in a row then just outright did’nt pay so I had to evict him (bring him to court the whole nine yards). Also, almost weekly, a local appliance rental company would come looking for him to collection a debt he owes them.Well now he is gone and owes me nearly $2k in back rent and unauthorized tenant and pet fees, owes who knows how much to the appliance company, and he still works at the gym I go to. He can’t even look at me when I walk in to check in. What I am really asking is has anyone had similar situations where you realized how shitty someone was but still saw them daily? How did you react and deal with it? The guy walks around like he is the shit and did nothing wrong and according to his coworkers had plenty of money and was going to bars every single night (he is an alcoholic, like the true meaning of the word). We have mutual friends who have no idea how he is and I almost want to just tell everybody or at least his managers exactly what he did so they don’t get burned by him or so they know what kind of employee they have working for him, but I am not sure if that would be appropriate and haven’t said anything yet minus a few private discussions with some mutual friends. I guess I am just looking for other similar experiences and how you dealt with it.



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