Newsflash: Dream House, But Its Not For Sale!

Theres a house in a nearby city I really like and I think about it often. Its an older home built in the 20s designed in an Italian Tuscan Revival style. It meets everything on my checklist, but its not for sale.A closer look at it while walking by shows whomever owns it does not maintain it much. Lawn is dead, shurbs overgrown, a broken upstairs window, etc. The trash is taken out religiously every week to the alley. There are 3 cars on the property and all three registrations have expired. The lights are also never on and I have never seen anyone at the home. Once in a while I will see a dim light in a back room while walking by, but thats it.The house has no sale history online (not sold in the last 20+ years anyhow) and a few searches pull up a few different home owner names. Im suspecting an elderly couple or just single person lives in the home and someone comes to visit once in a while to do some chores.Im interested in buying the house but how would you go about approaching it in this scenario?Thank you for any tips/ideas!



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