Newsflash: Looking to buy for he first time in a few years, looking for advice

My SO and I live in New York, we don’t have much saved up and he has serious school debt. We’re beginning our savings this year and hoping to move out in mid 2020. I should be getting a promotion by the end of the year to help boost my end of the savings. I myself will be saving 600-1000 a month, and he’ll be more sporadic because he’s a server who gets tipped.We’re looking at North Carolina/Virginia/West Virginia/Tennessee, the first two being more ideal. I’ve previously looked in North Carolina, visit every other year, have family there, etc.Right now we’re living with my mother for $350 a month, but I have three dogs so I can’t imagine renting being an option for us. In the three years I myself will have ~20,000 saved.I’m curious about a few things: 1. How to go about looking for houses in a different state? How long do you think I’ll need to take off? 2. What kind of loans can we look into? Do we have to be residents of the state to get loans from that state? Are there federal loans? 3. I was curious if an FHA loan would be a smart option even though we would have the 20%? Our rainy day/moving fund would be larger. 4. How do you get a rough idea for how much insurance is going to be? My mom never bought a house and his parents are terrible with their finances and we’re not too close with themAny advice you guys have to offer about anything would be amazing to hear!



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