Newsflash: Looking for advice from Carmichael/Sac investors or other folks doing short-term rentals in non-tourist areas of California. Inherited house in Carmichael (Sacramento suburb), what is the market like for short-term (vacation/corp) vs. long-term rents like? [Sacramento] [CA]

I am inheriting a house in Carmichael, CA and would like to keep it, but am planning on renting it as I do not live in the area (I live in the Bay Area, so close enough that I can come out if necessary, but would generally like to avoid these trips). The home is a 3bed/2.5 bath (~ 2200 sq ft) which was recently remodeled to a pretty neutral style (Rental Zestimate ~ $3500). The home has been paid off for years, so I am just responsible for taxes/upkeep. It is in a very nice area (American River Dr. by Rio Americano), so I would hope the asking price it can command would help attract tenants who would treat it gently. I am willing to take a small loss (say … $5 – 10k a year) on short-term vs. long-term tenants if it ends up being more convenient.There are many reasons why short-term rentals seem attractive:it would be convenient to leave most of the furnishings (new, good condition) and small appliances in place; removing them would cost money (probably need to rent storage) and take some time.It would be nice if we could occasionally use the house when empty.Get to check in frequently on the home to make sure it is being maintained correctly. We already pay for maintenance things like gardeners and pest control (would do this for a long-term rental too).My goal is to receive some cashflow, minimize necessary labor/involvement (I have a fulltime job not connected to real estate), and pay for the maintenance/taxes on the home. I have no prior experience as a landlord.Does anyone have experience doing short-term rentals in Carmichael? I can’t imagine there’s a ton of vacation potential (although we are quite close to the American River) and would be worried about high traffic guests. Is there a market for corporate rentals in this area? Am I thinking about this incorrectly? Better to get a set of vetted tenants in place and leave them there?I have neighbors who may be able to help out with small details (although I’d like to avoid them getting annoyed by bad guests), am willing to use a management company if necessary, have a connection with a local maid.


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