Newsflash: Seller trying everything he can to backout including sabotage (signed closing docs this afternoon)!!! WTH

So I’ve had a nightmare of a time trying to get this whole deal done!I have been under contract since April 21st. The seller has agreed to a number of extensions. The seller gave us an ultimatum that we could do a rent to own from him or we wait until January to close because he is worried about all the money he will be getting from selling his home. He was trying to take the money and build duplexes but insists that it is too late in the year for him to do that now since its taken so long to get things done. He finally realized that he was being an ass and signed the extension until the 28th. We have finally finished EVERYTHING and got my appointment to sign closing docs today!! Wahoo!!So my mortgage guy says like an hour before closing “just so you know your ass hole seller has been calling everyone in my office AND the main company office claiming that you are a married women and that you lied on your application!!” My mortgage guys reassures me that everything is fine with his side of everything. He gives me all the info for closing and I go at my appointed time.My realtor comes to closing and says that seller wants to talk to me before I sign paperwork…A little back info…I live in the house I’m buying. I am renting it. The sellers husband happens to be a bishop (a high level religious leader) of my ward. He has access to certain information that’s given to the church and it appears he is using it to his personal advantage.I DID NOT call him before signing. My realtor told me that the seller told her he was not signing the lease if it says I was an unmarried woman…according to my church I am married but legally I am not. All the info I submitted to my mortgage company is 100% correct. Not only is he using church information that should STAY at the church level, he is actually trying to sabotage my loan!!! He called my mortgage guy and I believe the underwriter at my loan company to advise them that I lied on my application.He was told that they cannot disclose any information about my loan. I have been reassured over and over again that everything is fine and has checked out through the process…they have done all the required legal checks to assure that everything I have submitted is accurate. In this day and age mortgage fraud is next to impossible.We know that he is just throwing a fit because he doesn’t want to get all the money until next year. He had the audacity to tell my realtor that he would give us 5 months free rent if we wait until January and put my significant other on the loan…which is absolutely crazy!!!Everything was fine up until about 3:00 when he started panicking about the stupid closing.MY QUESTION: what can I do if he refuses to sign the paperwork??? I will be following up with the higher authorities of my church and advising them of his abuse of church information and letting them know what a crummy person he is. BUT other than that what can I do? Oh the frosting on the cake….it’s not his house…the house is ONLY in his wife’s name!!! So in all reality it’s her that needs to sign and her that I will be suing(??) I’d she doesn’t sign!!! Help!!!



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