Newsflash: Question about Rental Properties as Investment

I own 3 rental properties. All three are detached and located in a bare land strata subdivision.Original investment in 2012 was $366k(CAN). Rented for $2605 gross in rent. Net was $1991. By net, I mean after strata fees, insurance, property taxes and utilities. No mortgage.A further $100k has been invested, which means the investment is now $466k. Rents have increased now to $3700, net $3063.I think that’s not bad. The portfolio is small enough that I can manage it easily myself, but provides enough income that I don’t have to work a regular job. The dilemma is, the value of the properties, if I were to sell, is now about $850k after paying a realtor, closing etc. So doesn’t that mean that my “yield” is now $3063 x 12/$850k or 4.3%? That’s not a very attractive investment, or is it? That doesn’t factor in appreciation, since that is something that I can’t count on. The values will likely hold or increase less dramatically, since the target market seems to be empty nesters and retirees.I’m late 50’s and pretty much retired. I do like to putter around out there doing maintenance and little construction projects.I would appreciate your advice.



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