Newsflash: If they find mold during your home inspection, do yourself a favor, get a bunch of estimates. Mold inspection and remediation is a total crapshoot.

We’re selling our home. Our inspection came back with what they called suspected organic growth in our Attic and crawlspace. So they recommended an expert come take a look. I kinda expected this to show up on the report considering we’ve had issues in the past.I’ve had about six different estimates over the course of the past week, and every single estimate had something drastically different to say. Mold inspection and remediation is obviously not as cut and dry as most other home repairs.We have two attic areas and one crawl space that are technically “affected”. Some found evidence of mold in the attic, some didn’t. They each showed me drastically different examples (cell phone photos) when they happened to find something. One guy tried to pass off a galvanized metal bracket (texture like this) as an example of mold. Maybe it had something else on it, I couldn’t see it. But I can see how people that unfamiliar with galvanized metal could think it looks like it has mold splotches on it.My favorite was when the estimator poked his head into the access panel of both attic areas, and immediately found evidence of mold, in the suspected location, over 15 feet across the attic. He did the same thing with the larger attic area that probably spans over 800 sq feet. He used his mold sniffing superpower, and bionic eyes to find all of the mold in my attic space, without even stepping foot inside of the attic. Maybe I’m just dumb, so ELI5 how that it’s possible to do a proper visual inspection of something damn near microscopic, from several feet away. How can you gauge an entire attic area, without entering said attic? Oh yeah, he also provided me with a quote within two minutes of finishing his evaluation. No measurements were taken and failed to show me a single piece of evidence.Long story short, estimates were all over the place. Every estimator found a different cause for the mold (if they said anything about the cause at all). And every estimator recommended a different type of remediation. So do yourself a favor, get a bunch of estimates. Pick the one that satisfies the requirements on your inspection response. My estimates ranged from $1,400 to $3,100.



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