Newsflash: First time homebuyer. We are looking at moving states and have never dealt with any of this before. Looking to move in ~a year. Please help us understand

Currently my SO and I rent a townhome in CO from my mom. We are looking at moving to NC or FL because the cost of living is too high here. Here’s the breakdown of monies:$180k owed on mortgage$325k reasonable sell value of home based on recent sales in the neighborhood.Mom has agreed to give us about $45k to purchase a home somewhere else (she wants out from under the shitty HOA here. $300 a month? Really?!)So we are thinking throw $5k at my student loans to get em gone, $3k for hospital bills for our youngest from last year, use $20-25k down and the rest for moving costs. Is this reasonable? Looking at no more than $175k for new home.If we’re thinking in a year, is it too early to be thinking of this stuff? How do you get a mortgage if you haven’t sold the first property yet? Will we have to move into a rental temporarily while this all goes thru? We are on the title but not the current mortgage. I have no idea how any of this process works. Could use any and all insight.Oh! SO will be primary bread winner because I take care of our 3 kiddos and work part time. How early is too early to start applying for jobs in those areas? (Fayetteville nc or kissimmee fl)



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