Newsflash: [Update/RESOLVED][CALIFORNIA] Seller of home took items in home clearly specificed as part of sale (Value ~$1500)

I had contacted escrow on Monday and had them hold all funds before disbursement. I knew they couldn’t do that forever, so today I emailed them and had them hold $3000 from Seller A, Seller B, Listing Agent, and Buyer’s Agent for a total of $12,000. I emailed them comparision costs of items needed to be replaced, and showed them that $3000 was a low estimate. I suggested that the funds be held until a point at which fault could be determined and the appropriate party paid. Escrow agreed to my reasonable demand.That was at noon. I fielded a bunch of dumb calls from buyer’s agent/broker of seller’s agent. Told them to send me any offers in writing and to cc escrow.At 6pm the seller’s agent was standing on my doorstep with all my stuff, no damage, no defects. Seller’s agent brought me cream puffs and apologized for his clients. As I was not looking for revenge, simply justice as accorded by law, and I now have the items I paid for, I’m having escrow release the remainder of funds tomorrow.



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