Newsflash: Permanent Home Swaps… Why isn’t this more popular?

I am just wondering why permanent home swaps aren’t more popular? Like what are the challenges, pitfalls, and unforeseen gotchas with doing a permanent home swap with someone?I have to imagine that there is a sizeable percentage of people that are current home owners that are either looking to relocate locally or out of state, that are looking to upgrade or downgrade their current homes, etc.I also imagine that a lot of people that would love to avoid the some of the traditional hassles of selling a house, and also save on realtor commission fees. A lot of home owners are operating on razor thin margins, and realtor commission fees can often be the difference between selling the home at a sizeable loss, or barely breaking even.So again, why isnt this more popular?The few websites I have seen promoting house swaps are poorly done, have limited inventory, and old inventory.Have home swaps been:Poorly executed?Poorly marketed?Is it a trust issue?Reliability issue? Legal issue?Im just trying to figure out all the reasons why this isnt a thing yet!And this isnt a slight to realtors, so any realtors out there please dont get defensive, or feel the need to explain why the market will only work when realtors are involved. Realtors own the majority of the market, they work their ass off for their commission, and I have much respect for the realty community. However, there needs to be an alternative market, consumers operating on thin margins want it and need it.Thanks for reading!


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