Newsflash: What to look for when buying a house (MN) – First time – Will be rented out for the first few years

Currently, I’m living abroad (in London) and am looking to buy a house back home. This will serve as a supplement to my income, and then ideally my girlfriend and I will live there at some point within the next few years. Stats: -$60,000 Saved -Parents will help me do a cash purchase -I will pay them back at 0% interest, or potentially not at all (I know, I’m pretty lucky) -Hoping to stay in the $200-250,000 rangeI am looking for a small single family house to buy in Northeast Minneapolis that I can rent out. The problem is, I don’t know where to start for looking for a home. I’m not terribly worried bout figuring out the financial side of it, but am worried about getting everything nailed down for preparing for expenses. If anybody has a guide to read through regarding what to look for, I would be greatly appreciative!



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