Newsflash: Can listing agent’s lie about other offers?

TLDR; Throwing ethics out… Can listing agents lie about how many other offers they have received and how good they are?My wife and I have put offers on 2 homes with no other current offers. Both had been on the market about 2 weeks which is unusual, most become pending in a week (northern california). My Agent places offer with a 24hour expiration and then suddenly there is another offer. Of course it’s always close or the other offer is fairly strong so then we have to decide if we want to up our asking price and alter terms to stand out.First home we placed an offer on, sellers wanted to work with us however wanted $5000 more and to rent back the house for 45 days after close for only $1000 with no security deposit. So we said see ya, hope the other guys are stupid enough to agree with those terms. 10days later…house is still active on the market.Second home (listed at 400k) we put an offer on yesterday and there were no offers. Home needs a complete remodel and the outdoor pool has about $10000-15000 worth of work. Probably will cost about 30-40k. They want no contingency period and to sell as is no questions so we placed a low offer (380k) with a 5 day contingency just to get a pool inspection to see how bad it is for our sake and guess what… theres a stronger offer all of a sudden and now my agent is suggesting coming up $12000 (to 392k) to be stronger….I feel like this is poker and the listing agent is bluffing…Do I call or stand? This listing agent is from a property management firm and has been hard to work with so far according to my agent….



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