Newsflash: Do serious buyers attend open houses, or is it mostly tire kickers and people who are bored (i.e. a waste of time)?

Hi r/realestate,We’re in OK. Our home’s been for sale for about a month now. We’ve had 10 showings with no offers, the 11th showing is scheduled for Monday, but my realtor is holding an open house tomorrow from 2-4pm. Just curious if serious buyers show up to open houses, or is it mostly people just looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon? Have any of you ever gotten an offer and/or sale out of an open house?Little info on the neighborhood: When we first listed, there were about 15 other properties for sale in our subdivision, now there are about 10. Prices are all over the place: Ours is a nice home (built in 2012, we are the first owners) on a corner lot. It’s 3 bedroom + office, 2 full bath, roughly 1,850 sq ft. and we’ve got it listed for $215,000. As I said, prices are all over the place: The home just down the street on the opposite corner just sold for about $240,000 but it’s about 500 sq ft bigger than ours, then there’s a home down the street that’s a little smaller than ours that sold for roughly $175,000. There are also a few homes that are much bigger than ours (around 3,000 sq ft) that are listed at $260K and $299K but they’ve been on the market a while. Lastly, our next door neighbor just listed their home this week for $230K. It’s a smaller home than ours and is not on a corner lot…yet it’s $15,000 more than ours??Sorry, this is our first home so it’s our first sale experience. Just trying to figure out if we’re on the right path. I feel discouraged knowing that we’ve been on the market a month with 10 showing and zero offers.



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