Newsflash: Buying in one spouse’s name and best approach

I (wife) have a short sale less than three years old. Husband has moderate credit score (mid to high 600) and has never owned a home. His income is lower (around $30k) but we think he can get approved for small mortgage ($70-80ish) alone, especially with a FTHB program of some kind. We’d go from $1300 rent to $500-600ish mortgage payment.Assuming he gets approved, wondering if it is possible to do new construction for $70k? We’re in a large city in Florida and there are many “buildable” lots in the $10k or less range. Could we buy a cheap lot cash and have him get a mortgage to build on it?There are decent existing properties in this range but they tend to go fast. My tentative plan is to get us something liveable that we can add value to, then once my short sale waiting time is up move into another property. We have two small kids; is it reasonable to go through a renovation with babies?Also, is there anyway to use my income (and debt if necessary) to qualify for financing even though it will only be in his name?



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