Newsflash: Undisclosed Relationship with Realtor and Landlord?

crossposted from r/legaladviceHi R/RealEstate I am located in Houston,TxI have a question in regards to a lease agreement and a possible conflict of interest between the realtor and landlord? We signed a 2-year rental property lease. All was well. We didn’t realize that our realtor and our landlord were dating at the time of signing the lease and now they are engaged. The realtor has become more involved with things like letting us know that our “landlord” is out of town or making us aware of wasps nests that need to be tended to outside the house, or when lawn maintenence is coming. She has become more involved and we have begun to feel more uncomfortable with her involvement. The more we research it seems as though there is a conflict of interest there? Should a realtor be this involved after a lease has been signed? (If they are not property manager?) I thought our relationship ended the time the lease was signed.The landlord also has is strictly pay in money orders from one specific location and drop the payment in a PO box at our local USPS. Is this something we should be concerned about? Please let me know or provide information that we can reference? Thank you!-I do believe when we signed the lease, she was representing us both, and had us sign a dual agency form (but I’m not sure if I received a copy of it, I have only received a copy of the lease agreement, and pet agreement)-We are paying almost double than what others in our neighborhood are paying for comparable homes. And find it odd the way payment is received, as well as we do not receive any form or receipt each month. (even though it is stated in the lease agreement that we would?) Also, isn’t it illegal to place mail with no stamps etc, INTO a PO box? (that is what I have gathered from reading)-If she is acting as property manager, would that be notated anywhere on the lease? or would we of signed a form stating that she was acting as property manager as well? i do not remember signing anything like that, as well as my landlord is the only person, besides myself and my SO on the lease.Edit: More information/words



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