Newsflash: Misspelled first name on deed for house

If this would be better in a different sub, let me know.Happened in Texas.I bought my first house about 7 years ago. All the paperwork I signed at closing had my name and info spelled correctly. I made sure to check. However, when I received my finalized copies of everything afterwards, when everything had been processed, a letter was left off the end of my first name on my deed. I called the realtor and told her this and I was told that there was nothing that could be done, and that the error was permanent, but since it was just one letter (basically making it a different spelling of my first name), it wasn’t a big deal. I was upset, but I was young (22) and inexperienced and left it alone.Fast forward a couple years and I now get junk mail and form letter mail with that spelling on it. I also get a question of “have you ever gone by another name” on those security questions that you answer to open credit card accounts, etc. I apparently have to answer “Yes” now because of that. Even though I never intentionally did that.I have also refinanced my home since then, about four years ago. I would like to make sure I am only represented by one name. So my question is- is the deed paperwork still likely under that name, and can I file a form to have it changed? Is it worth it? No one at the refinancing brought up the name being different or questioned me about it, although I did disclose it to them. Would it be an issue if I ever want to sell the house? Other than me knowing it’s there, it doesn’t appear to have really affected me negatively.



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