Newsflash: House with solar panels is the most expensive house in the neighborhood. Is it worth it?

I recently looked at a home that I really like in my area. Most of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the 1970s and this particular one has a new kitchen, master bath, and a few other well-done upgrades. The comps say similar-sized homes go in the area for about $210-$220, but this house is worth a bit more due to the new upgrades (they also did new septic tank, roof, and made electrical improvements since 2010. Clearly a lot of money sunk into the home, which the neighbors haven’t necessarily done also).Here’s where it gets tricky – the owner had solar panels put on in 2015 that fully power the home. For this reason, the owner is asking $260k, saying that the ROI on solar panels is worth the (outrageous) asking price. I put in a low offer and they came back at $255. I do love the house, but I am concerned about buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood, even though it will save me an electric bill every month.What do you guys think about how these solar panels should affect the price of the house?Note: I’ve sought out a ton of resources on this and gotten professional advice as well. Just curious to know what my fellow redditors think and YES of course I take everything with a grain of salt. Thanks friends!Edit: Typo on my #s



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