Newsflash: Are my closing costs reasonable? [VA]

Hey guys,I’m buying a house for the first time. I was told closing costs for a $290k home in Virginia would be around $5k by my buddy who is also a realtor. I’m only able to put down 10% but I’ve been guaranteed a conventional loan with an interest rate of about 4.125%. Because I’m paying less than 20% I have to pay for Mortgage Insurance.When all is said and done, my Closing costs are coming in at $14k (not including down-payment)…my jaw dropped when I saw the number. I though average closing costs in this area we’re about $5-7k. I don’t know what to do…Also, to make matters worse, we’re closing in 5 days they had a $1.5k adjustment that they just sent to us about 2 hours ago…THAT HAS TO BE SIGNED TONIGHT, or else the closing date gets pushed back! That gives me very little wiggle room to review the document. I mean, maybe I’m being overly cautious, but it just seems a little scummy to me…



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