Newsflash: Need advice on helping parents sell their land (NC)

So basically the land has been in the family forever. There are multiple lots, two with houses on them which are total unsalvageable in disrepair. My parents are getting older and still living there and I’ve finally convinced them to sell because they’re basically living under a bridge at this point (no power, no water, etc).So the houses obviously have negative value, but I’m sure the land is quite valuable. The lots are adjacent and there is only one other lot on that side of the block, which I’m sure could be easily acquired since it’s been paved and empty for 20 years or more. So basically whoever bought my parents’ property could easily have the entire block from road to road to themselves.It’s also a great location, in a town near Charlotte, NC. The lots are literally a block away from a park/library/YMCA and a block away from a brand new research institute that is bringing lots of new commerce to the town. It’s also within walking distance to an elementary school and a high school.One hitch is that the land is still in my father’s mother’s name, who has been dead 10 years or more. My mother and father have been living there and paying the taxes for all of that time. There is also an older brother to my father, but he has contributed nothing and my impression of the situation is that he is critically ill and would not try to press any claim on the property.So, I guess I just need advice on how to proceed on getting it sold. They’re willing to sell but not exactly the motivated type, as you might imagine, so I’ll have to handle a lot of it myself probably. Having never bought or sold any property myself I’m completely clueless here, so any advice would be welcome.I don’t care about squeezing every last dollar out of it, I just don’t want to see them not get cheated.



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