Newsflash: Web Hosting with IDX and SEO advice

I am looking to build a simple website and include a simple map with pin drops of the current listings. I was using Zillow’s Premier Agent site – a very cheep solution that did what I wanted. for $10month I had a website that showed a rectangular map with options to drag around and see whats on market. It also had a widget of my Facebook page’s feeds. Unfortunately Zillow removed the map widget and as of last week, the Facebook feed widget isn’t working properly. I am thinking they will be removing that too. I also don’t like Zillow’s stand on many Realtor related issues and want to stop my service with them.I have looked into many other services like Real Geek and IDX Broker, but these companies offer $50-$100per moth packages bloated with lead management, monthly reports and all that noise. My other option is the WordPress for business, which is about $25month and it allows an IDX widget plugin. I haven’t used it, so I am not sure how it works.Anyone has any other options of just a simple IDX map integration on your page? Thank you.



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