Newsflash: [Canada] Question about talking to more than one Realtor

I’m trying to figure out the best way to proceed here. Our situation is that we’re in a small 2brm house with a kid and another on the way and we’d prefer to be in a bigger 4-5brm house before the baby is born. We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We love our neighborhood and don’t want to leave. The problem is that there has been almost no inventory in our neighborhood in the size of house we’re looking for despite there being a fair number of houses that size in the neighborhood. Another factor is that a lot of homes sell in our neighborhood without coming to market. I’m not a really a sure I why this is other than it a fairly close knit community. We’re working with an agent we like and and we think he’s doing a good job. We interviewed 3 agents before choosing him.Lately a couple people have told us about a realtor who lives in the neighborhood and knows everybody and is “the guy” for our neighborhood. For whatever reason this guy didn’t come across our radar when we were interviewing Realtors.So while I don’t really want to move on from our current Realtor, I do want to have a conversation with this guy to see if he may have clients in the neighborhood who might be thinking about selling but aren’t quite there yet and would be willing to look at an offer.Should I talk to him directly or ask my current Realtor to talk to him? I think (maybe incorrectly) that his only motivation for potentially bringing me to an off the market situation is that he gets to double end the sale. Otherwise he’s better off making sure his clients go to market. Am I wrong about this?I’m under no contractual obligation to my current Realtor but would still feel shitty ditching him for someone else. I’d still want him to take our listing when we sell our current house. Can I go to this new guy and say: if you can bring me into any homes that aren’t currently on the market I’ll work with you but I’m going to work with my current Realtor for anything that hits the open market?Just not sure what the best approach is. Any advice would be appreciated.



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