Newsflash: (CA) Splitting a mortgage equally, non equal downpayments

Hello, My girlfriend and I are looking at purchasing some real estate investment property. Since we will not be living in the property, this requires a 20% down payment, which we are fine with. Since I will be paying 100% of the down payment with my own money, what is a fair percentage split of the “ownership” of the property and what additional type of agreement needs to be drawn up in addition to the mortgage?Hypothetically, if the purchase price of the property is $200,000 and I am paying $40,000 down, that would obviously mean I own 20% of the property straight up, with the remaining 80% being split evenly (40% each respectively) through the mortgage.Would a split of 60%/40% of expenses and ROI (equity, appreciation, rental income) and the mortgage being split evenly, be fair? What type of contract would need to be drawn up?



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