Newsflash: Will my “edible landscaping” improve our property value? [US, VA]

So recently I have been working very hard on our house’s landscaping, which was originally a disaster. Overgrown box myrtles, rose bushes in random places (we used to joke they must have blindfolded themselves and thrown a lawn dart after spinning around, to determine where to plant). One thing I’ve always been interested in, is edible landscaping.So for example, I removed a dying crabapple tree, and planted a beautiful peach/plum/apricot/nectarine tree. Giant, 85 foot tall spruce that were literally scaring my neighbors, and our home insurance, was cut down and replaced with a semi dwarf sweet cherry tree. Box myrtles went out, and I planted half size blueberry bushes interspersed with edible/useful perennials like echinacea and lavender. I also added a small front area with a cedar trellis holding an arctic kiwi vine, surrounded by mini thornless blackberry and raspberry bushes. Next year, I’ll be adding a small pergola with a grapevine to our backyard, and adding a semi dwarf fig tree as well.The response from people has been fantastic, especially in the spring with the one tree producing four colors of flowers. (We literally had people stop and ask about it, etc)I didn’t think about the value increase until this week, when I had a yard sale, and several people mentioned how the yard looked so much nicer, and that they would pay more for a house with fruit trees and a setup like ours.Does switching things out the way I did actually help the value? Or was that just perceived, and is it possibly harming it? I’d like to know…honestly if it hurts, I might tone it back a bit.



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