Newsflash: Recently bought a home in NH, USA. We now have termites, carpenter ants, and mice. What can we do?

About a month ago we bought a home in New Hampshire. Home inspector came and noticed a few problems, but he said everything was good. I had noticed a few black ants crawling around and brought it up to him, he said he had looked around and there was nothing. We were good to go.We have not moved in yet, as there were a few renovations involved that needed us out (putting in floors, new roof, etc). However, the ants were back and kicking. So we brought in a local pest inspector who then went through the house and basically found a lot. Carpenter ants with a nest in the kitchen above the lighting, a termite nest in the basement/storage area (they had chewed through one wooden beam already) and there were about four “roads” for them to travel there.Then he found mice droppings everywhere. In the downstairs closet, falling out of the chimney, in the cupboards. These weren’t new either. He also mentioned that the home inspector shouldn’t have missed these signs. These weren’t the only things our inspector missed (corrosion on a few water pipes, mold in the attic due to poor ventilation)What I would like to know.. is there anything we can do? Is it useless to try to take them to court? The paperwork we had basically said the inspector wasn’t liable if he missed something. Are we just going to have to keep shelling out our money?



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