Newsflash: Purchased House with Encroachment

So my wife and I recently purchased a house. We did not have the land surveyed which I guess was a mistake because today I received a certified letter from my neighbor stating out fence encroaches on their land with a picture of what they state are the property lines.They request that we remove the fence in the next 30 days. Based on the image they gave us, the addition to the garage also encroaches, but they don’t say anything about that.So, any advice? We don’t have the money at the moment to rebuild a fence and knock down a garage. We do intend to talk to the neighbor to see if we can come to some other agreement. Is that a bad idea?Also, is it our responsibility to tear down the structures on their property if we didn’t build said structures? Can’t we just say, okay the land is yours and we won’t interfere with you removing the encroaching structures?Thanks for any advice!Edit: This is in PA and when we purchased the house, in the agreement, the seller stated they did not know of any encroachments or easements — and they are the ones who built the fence into (allegedly) the neighbors property.



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