Newsflash: [MN] Verifying 3rd Party Proctoring of Exams – How is this done?

I signed up for a real estate program that, unbenounced to me, does not offer the proctoring service itself. I’ve contacted several schools and libraries in the area and the cheapest price per test is $50, which is ridiculous IMO.However, I’ve read that the exam can also be proctored by any school administrators as well and I have a friend who is a principal at a local school. He would proctor my exam for free and he would also be ethical about it (making sure I don’t cheat, etc.), but I’m concerned if I use him and the approving body discovers that we are friends they will void my exams. My question is:Does anyone know how are 3rd party relationships examined and determined to be ‘disinterested’?What would the odds be of this being flagged for ‘unethical testing’ and my license being thrown out?



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