Newsflash: Buying a house that may need a completely new roof

So my husband and I found a house and I really love it. We had an inspection and the only major things that came up were radon (which sellers are fixing) and parts of the roof is sagging-described to me as a “wave” throughout. So we had a roof inspector come in, and he looked at the roof and initially said it would cost about $10,000 to fix, and that structurally it was fine but we may have issues selling it down the road. We were fine with that because we would ask the sellers to put in half. Well I got a call today and he said that he talked to his partner and his partner recommended that we tear the entire roof off and redo it including the brackets and quoted about $25,000-$30,000. There is no way the sellers are going to even put in half of that, and my husband basically said to me if it’s going to cost that much and it needs to be done (which initially it didn’t have to be, so I’m not sure now) we have to be willing to walk away. I guess I’m looking for advice, because I really don’t want to walk away. It’s a great house and a great location and I could see us there long term. But he doesn’t want to go into buying the house knowing that we’d have to pay $30,000 to fix the roof. I guess I kinda understand. Should we walk away?



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