Newsflash: Indiana. Bought a house with a water leak that prior owner was aware of and never disclosed. Now what?

the Tl;Dr of it. Bought a house in Indiana about 3 months ago. Roof was done in 2014. Prior homeowner complained of a leak to roofing company. They came out and said it was the chimney leaking into master bedroom. I opened the wall to see why the carpet was wet and there was mold behind the trim to find the fireplace has been leaking water for some time and the frame for the fireplace is rotted and moldy.Insurance adjuster said “Insurance won’t cover it because it was pre-existing, Suing prior homeowner will not get you anywhere.”I feel like this is bullshit. I now have to replace drywall and studs on probably two levels of this house. (There’s 3 fireplaces with their own chimney stack. Master bedroom, Main level living room, and basement) The floor of the master under the fireplace shows signs of water damage which I’m assuming has lead to the main floor living room.



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