Newsflash: How to tell if your hometown is up and coming?

My hometown has been going through a lot of changes lately. For the last few years it’s been known as a dangerous inner city. It’s located about 2 hours way from Boston and is the biggest city in Western Ma (30 minutes from Hartford CT).In the last few years Springfield has had lots of investment from new venture firms. A new casino is being built and is almost complete. A new tech organization has been created to train the work force for Tech jobs. A new bus/train station has been built to facilitate more public transportation and plans have been proposed to create a rail line directly from Boston to Springfield. We have a nice downtown skyline and one of our 3 sky scrapers has been sold after being owned my Mass Mutual Insurance companies for 40 years because it has become very profitable.In the last few years the attitude in the town has been more optimistic. I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to tell if a city is on its way towards an economic boom . Here’s a presentation from about a year ago that takes about possible future investments: Springfield Presentation



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