Newsflash: General inquiry about purchasing “vacation” home and converting to full-time home

Hello everyone.My wife and I are currently renting in a city and we’re looking to move to a slower location that’s also close to our aging parents across the country. Our jobs allow us to take months off out of the year and so our plan is to purchase a home soon (looking at homes which we can afford at least 50%-100% down), pay the mortgage in addition to our rent with money being made at our current jobs, stay in the home for longer periods over time, and eventually ween ourselves away from the city and into the home full-time within 5 years. We have a freelance reputation and will be able to continue earning once this happens. We don’t plan on renting the home, but were considering letting nearby family members stay in and take care of the home while we’re away.We’ve never owned a home before so I’m curious if anyone sees any glaring problems with this plan. Will we run into any legal issues right off the bat? Or, if anyone has experience doing something similar, are there things to consider that might not be immediately apparent? Thanks for your time and any helpful info.



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