Newsflash: Deals keep falling through…normal?

Hi there,I am a first time home buyer in Spokane Wa, using fha. We started our search last year when we moved to the area. We submitted 3 offers at that time:One was bank owned and the bank wasn’t corresponding so after some time we moved on. Next house our offer was beat out. Next one the seller made us wait, them decided he didn’t want to sell at all.We were in a time crunch so we found an apartment and decided to wait a while before trying again.Our budget is in the 145k neighborhood. Since April we have put in numerous offers to no avail as it’s been pretty competitive here. Finally had an offer accepted. The appraisal came in 15k low. Sellers wouldn’t budge one week before closing, so we walked away.We find another house. We decide to use a 203k loan as it is am estate sale, as is. The only thing we were going to do was the roof and gutters. Due to delays in finding a company that could start in the time frame, get a bid and sign disclosures – the closing date needed to be pushed out two weeks.The selling agent claims they have a back up cash offer. So the expiration date comes and goes and the seller hasn’t signed anything. Our new closing date was supposed to be 7/21. As frustrating as it is we are a little relieved since this loan has been a nightmare, and more expensive/higher interest rate than we expected. So we rescinded our offer.This happened just over this weekend. At this point we feel cursed! We’ve lost appraisal money and inspection money but we are learning a lot. However we feel bad for our lender and realtor. Are we abnormal? We are so done with this whole process, but we want to keep going. We feel embarrassed though.We realize it hasn’t really been any fault of our own that things haven’t panned out yet, but is it normal? Thanks in advance, looking for some outside perspective before phone calls are made tomorrow to the lender etc.



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