Newsflash: Seller did not complete repairs outlined in signed Amendment to Address Concerns. Home inspector claimed repairs were done. We’ve already closed. What can I do?

First-time buyer here. I had a home inspection performed during my due diligence period, and afterward submitted a list of requested repairs using an Amendment to Address Concerns. The seller was given the option to either complete the repairs using the licensed contractor(s) of my choice and deduct the repair costs from the selling price, or perform the repairs using his own contractor(s) and pay for re-inspection.He took the second option, and the original home inspector performed the supposed re-inspection.However, several months later, I’ve noticed that most of the issues were not repaired (some of which were pretty major, like an improperly installed gas pipe), and I’ve had to pay out of pocket to fix these things. I also learned just this week that the seller was not issued a building permit for the additions he put on the house, and was told by his agent that I could be on the hook for those fees when I sell the house (not sure if that’s true, haven’t looked into to it yet).Is it worth it to get a real estate attorney involved? Could this potentially be a breach of contract since the repairs weren’t completed?



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